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Obama costs the US a lot of money and jobs

Chloe Moore

Chloe Moore, Opinion and Variety Editor

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Some people call it astonishing. Some call it amazing. But a lot of people call it a horrible mistake. Donald Trump even called it the worst in US history. Is that true? Maybe, maybe not. But in the end, one thing is true, and that is that electing Obama as president was a grave error.
When Obama was inaugurated in 2008, the unemployment rate at that time was 7.8%. Since then, it has reached a high of 10% and is now at 8.3%, according to the data found on Geez, wasn’t he supposed to help in lowering that?
Also, since he has been elected, Obama has quadrupled the budget deficit. A budget deficit is when the government is spending more money than it is making. What does this mean for America? Simple: it means more debt. Geez, wasn’t he supposed to help lower that, too?
Obamacare, one of the only things Obama has done in his four years, has some benefits, but also many drawbacks. With all the new taxes, penalties, and fees, it will dispirit businesses from expanding, meaning a loss of 800,000 jobs, which, when looking at the unemployment rate, people could really use.
Additionally, Obamacare will increase the budget deficit by $500 billion in the next ten years. Just hearing these facts makes you question what made us elect Obama in the first place.
Since Obama has been elected, he has cost the US a lot of money and many jobs. And the one thing that he has done, Obamacare, is riddled with elements that will cost the US even more. It makes you wonder what he’s been doing all this time as president… Well, besides the 61 vacation days he’s taken, according to CBS news.
All in all, these facts and many more prove that you should not vote for Obama in the upcoming presidential race.

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Obama costs the US a lot of money and jobs