The discovery of a secret place that Schwartze and Brandt can no longer maintain

Betty Yang

Mr. Schwartze trying to look innocent at the door.

Betty Yang, Editor-in-chief

The creak in his room at the front corner makes students and staff members wonder what’s really under the carpet and why it makes such a disturbing sound when you step on it.
The curiosity stopped after some fearless students took the risk by putting surveillance cameras in his room secretly. The first camera faced the door, the second was placed under the books by his desk, the third one at the opposite corner of the creak and the fourth one was implanted inside the center of his brain (and to be on the safe side the camera inside his brain is also a bomb that has been activated in case of suspicious actions).
Late into the night, Mr. Schwartze goes back to the school, lying to the janitors that he has a late night session in learning what the word ‘dungeon’ really means with Mr. Brandt, the innocent English teacher. “With Schwartze’s good looks he’s able to do anything,” said Brandt.
But Brandt isn’t actually too innocent after the spies discovered that he was Schwartze’s sidekick by delivering him what seems to be bombs.
“Sometimes Schwartze would pay me and sometimes Brandt,” said Jerome Stanchez, the head janitor at Harding. “That’s the only reason why I let them in.”
Through the cameras on every corner of the room,  it seems that there is a secret code to get the door to open (which was not visible enough for students to attempt the code) but what the cameras did catch was Schwartze teaching Brandt how to dougie.
They brought wooden boxes with the word “DANGER” attached to them, and surprisingly they didn’t do anything with them but jump on top of them and roll on the floor laughing.
The spies were completely dumbfounded due to Schwartze’s and Brandt’s awkward actions. The spies are further investigating the two teachers’ suspicious actions, and hopefully we will get more information on what is happening inside the dungeon.

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