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The person we thought we knew

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The mysterious man.

Ricardo Becerra, Reporter

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We all thought that we knew him. He was one of us. But what we still don’t know is his real name.

Now everyone wants to know: Is this Harding social studies teacher really a teacher?

“He is a kind teacher, sometimes funny,” Andrew said.

But there’s a problem: we have no actual information about him at Harding High School or on the Harding High School website. His page is blocked out with an error that pops up with big intimidating red words, “404 – File or directory not found.”

Confidential files indicate that this teacher is actually a C.I.A agent, a “wannabe” Jackie Chan with a code name of Jackize “014150” Chan.

He never likes to talk during staff meetings, he is always quiet and observing the other staff members. In class he is doing the same, letting the students talk more than himself. It is like he is collecting data to report back to Langley, Virginia. But why is he here, at Harding? Is he recruiting? Is there a terrorist, or terrorists, in our midst?

All the stories about him traveling the world may refer to missions he was on. Or maybe he is reporting back to the C.I.A?.

Isn’t also interesting how he always jokes about being 24 years old? But what if he isn’t joking around? Maybe he is 24 years old.

And have you realize that when he is listening or talking to someone he is always doing something with his hands, moving them in a combat motion or making a fist.

What about his hair? It’s wavy, black and long. It makes you think that he can cut it at any time and change his identity, just like those killers you see on T.V.

This leads me to my next question, what does he do on his own time?

“I like to go to places, especially the mall, and observe people,” said Jackize “1415” Chan (information was gathered while eavesdropping).

But why would he want to observe people when he could spend time with his family or enjoy life? Is he trying to improve his observation and reaction skills?

Also, what’s up with his notebook? Students and Staff say they have never seen the inside of his secret C.I.A notebook. He keeps it in a secret place, hides it only when every student is working and not paying attention to him. And when he takes a walk or is leaves his room he is always carrying his notebook.

People are curious ab08t what’s inside his notebook. Is Harding High School ever going to find out?

Who really is this teacher? Why is he here at Harding? What are his plans?

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The student news site of Harding High School
The person we thought we knew