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The tennis team loses sponsorship

Hnouci Lee, News and Sports Editor

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    Nike has offered to sponsor the Harding High School’s Boys’ Tennis team. It’s one of the best and biggest news the Harding Tennis team has been given. Starting this 2012 spring tennis season, Nike will be providing warm-ups and other essential goods for the tennis team.
Following this decision by Nike, another big brand name company, HEAD, has also wished to sponsor the team with brand new racquets, strings, grips, etc. Due to the Tennis team’s outstanding achievements the past few years that they’ve shown to other top team schools, HEAD and Nike will help Harding go further into their season.
Unfortunately due to the tennis team’s inability to get at least 75 boys to participate in the sport, Nike and HEAD will have to be cut from participating in the Tennis team’s season.  The following are statements I wrote down during the meeting with Nike, HEAD, and Coach Koua Yang, regarding the team’s sponsorships.
“I can’t believe the tennis team will not be sponsored by us! I hope that your team finds enough players because we really really want to sponsor your team Koua’”, said Nike sponsor representative.
“I’m so glad that so many of your players are already using HEAD racquets, I would love to upgrade every single one of their racquets. It’ll be our pleasure to do so, so I also hope that your team find players fast. We’d love to be apart of your program here”, said HEAD sponsor representative.
Not only this, due to the athletic department’s budget cuts, the tennis team’s budget was cut to be able to keep other spring sports. This means that the Harding tennis team will have to minimize the number of other teams Harding will play this season.
But no matter what the situation, the tennis team has always relied on their strengths to show everyone in the state who and how capable the team is without any fancy sponsors.


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The tennis team loses sponsorship