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Saiyan existence at Harding

Eh Eh, Reporter

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Saiyan, a race of extraterrestrial warriors that exist within the realm of Dragon Ball Z, almost went into extinction.  Many would consider them as fictional, but as of lately there have been many Saiyans revealing themselves online; as a result, many Saiyans in the real world are becoming more noticeable.
“I can’t believe something like that would exist,” said Richard Walker, who was in disbelief when he heard that Saiyans were going viral and that real life Saiyans are coming out and letting their existence be known. “I have always thought they were fake, so when I saw it with my own eyes I couldn’t believe it.”
One by one, these groups of almost extinct warriors are becoming more comfortable with their identity. “I was always afraid; I’m basically an alien who’s on the verge of extinction, and I was very afraid of what people would think of me,” said T.V., a Saiyan who wants to remain anonymous. “Ever since I saw what these other Saiyans are doing online I’m determined to be proud of my heritage.”
Sometimes when he (T.V.) gets angry, his hair color starts to change, and he starts to glow and becomes very powerful (much like Goku but not nearly on that level). He’s still learning about his heritage and power and hoping that he can put them to good use, liking protecting the earth from “bad guys” or “Frieza.”
Saiyans naturally possess exceptional strength, far greater than that of humans, and are quintessentially built for fighting. They are capable of easily lifting ten times their own weight. They are very fast and have a natural affinity to the manipulation of “ki” energy allowing them to fly and even used them for powerful energy blast.
“The day has finally come,” said Jim K, another Saiyan. “As a kid I always stood out because I was too strong. Now that the Saiyans are known I don’t have to be scared of hiding my identity anymore.”
K. plans to encourage other Saiyans in hiding to come out and be proud of who they are and learn more of their power and finally be able to return to their planet someday.

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The student news site of Harding High School
Saiyan existence at Harding