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Harding’s teen moms learn responsibilities at young age

Thetlia Moe, Image Editor

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Harding teens learn the responsibilities by having a child at a young age.
Being a mom takes time and dedication for Denisse Brito a Harding Student.
“Yes, it’s hard getting homework done,” Denisse said “All my time is dedicated to my daughter, I have to meet her needs before I take care of my things”  It’s really hard! A big responsibility.”
“You can’t just be thinking about you because you have a little person depending on you for everything, she said.
Brito says that it’s not easy because she have her bad days but she also loves her daughter and she loves spending time with her. Her life changed when she had her baby.“it changed the moment I found out that I was pregnant. It wasn’t all about me anymore.”
She started thinking about another life. Everything she does, she has to think about how it’s going to effect her daughter. “I had to grow up fast,” she said.
Brito said that teen pregnancy isn’t to be taken lightly.. “They don’t know what they’re getting themselves into because it’s not a game.”
Manda Hall, another Harding teen mom she feels good having a baby. “I know more about responsibilities and I learned a lot from him too,”she said.
Sometimes it’s hard because other people judge her for having a child at such a young age,she added “but he’s worth every bit of criticism.”  Hall said that her  life changed a lot when she had her baby. “I never went to school before but now I do because I feel like I need to graduate for him.”
Hall also said that she and her family got closer because of her baby. Her family never used to see her but now they’re always together. But things aren’t perfect at home because “they are always arguing at home,” especially when she wants a night off from him; her parents dislike babysitting.  “It’s very hard being in school and being a mom,” said Hall.
To Hall, being in school and being a mom are like two full time jobs. “I can’t even do my homework without crayon marks everywhere, “she said.” I barely see my friends outside of school but I know a lot of the teen moms and we always try to have a play date every week.”                                                                                                                                                                        Hall said her relationship with her son is amazing; she tries to teach him as much as she can but it seems that he teaches her a lot more about life in the end. Hall said she and her son are  like best friends, they learn together, eat together, sleep together, and pretty much does everything together. “I wouldn’t give up our relationship for anything; he’s my prince charming in a diaper,” says Hall.
But not all teen moms feel the same way one who asked to remain anonymous, said that
“ teens shouldn’t be having sex if they’re not ready to have a baby.”
She said she regrets getting pregnant. “I feel I lost most of my freedom that a teenager should be having,” she said.  “I don’t feel bad that I have my son beside me but it’s just hard work.”
This mom said having a baby did not only changed her life, but it isolated her from other things, such as going to the movies with her friends and spending time with them.  “I feel really supported because I have a good husband that really helps me out when I need it,” she said.
She also said it’s not bad to have a baby when you know you are ready. “If you commit to it and you become mature sooner than others, then you’ll do fine.”
The anonymous mom learned that it’s stressful having a baby because they always want you and nobody else. “I don’t have time to do anything for myself anymore, he’s always in my way, but I love him because I’m never alone anymore, I always have him beside me and my baby means the world to me and I know I have to do everything to protect him from any harm,” she said.

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Harding’s teen moms learn responsibilities at young age