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A day as a cougar

Betty Yang, Editor-in-chief

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   Attending Como for a day, I observed many things: The different pigments from bodies to walls, the sizes of halls, teachers method of utilizing their knowledge and of course, the conversations that the students have.
I shadowed a sophomore, Daniel Baden, at Como Park Senior High School, the Cougars, to get insight into being a student in a different Saint Paul public school.
Daniel Baden showed me around the habitat of the Cougars and what I found was that, unlike the Knights, their CCC is quite small. There are only 2 computers in the CCC room that aren’t Macs. They have two computer labs, one filled with Macs and the other with Dells. The cafeteria is smaller and they don’t have a Senior patio like us. Their lunch detention is in the cafeteria, supposedly not talking to anyone, but Baden said “they’re too hard to control.”
In the cafeteria, classes and cliques are split up from table to table. There are the “partial criminals, geeks, weirdos and at the back, the Asians.”
While sitting at the table, I randomly heard clapping. “Someone would start clapping out of nowhere and everyone would just join in,” Baden said, “Last Friday, we got the whole cafeteria to clap and that just freaked the staffs out!”
The Cougars weren’t as wild as I thought they would be during passing time. Surprisingly, compared to the Knights, they don’t shove and howl. Alt hough their hallways are more narrow, no one ran into me and I was able to walk freely.
In Baden’s Chemistry class, I scrutinized the whole classroom. Their lab tables were all in one and it was quite small for so many Chemists. Luckily for them though, they had their own goggles. The Knights have to share the goggles, mostly all beat up ones. But at least our lab tables are separated and have more space to walk around.
There was a lot of trifling between Baden and his friends because of the way they played around in hallways and in classes.. It’s not like I don’t see this at Harding, but while I was behind Baden, his childhood buddy came and grabbed his stubs when they were play fighting and later, his buddy’s girlfriend stole his phone and hid it in her bosom. I tried not to pay too much attention to it but that’s one similarity that the Cougars and the Knights have. PDA is a major attraction to teenagers.
What stood out was that they have uniform lockers. The Knights lockers are filled with a variety of colors that attracts peoples attention but sadly, no school colors are involved. For the Cougars, all their lockers were yellow. But the lockers were all in different sizes in different hallways. Some that are tall and slim and some that are short and chunky.
Attending a different school in the middle of the year, I felt like I was in prison. Not knowing what the teachers were teaching and what the students assignments were, I just sat there trying to not fall asleep. Even though I have strong objections toward some of the education at Harding Sr. high school, I missed it.
Here at Harding, we have diversity and the IB program that is run by Mr. Brandt and Ms. Babaganian. At Como, they are taught using the AP program. There’s a big difference to it because as AP students, they are given guiding questions daily and have to find the answers by the end of the day. As IB students, you are taught it. That is what is great about Harding and the IB program. We have so many teachers here that are ingenious and with that, they can advise us better. Personally, I wouldn’t choose AP over IB just because I believe that we are taught in such a miraculous way through IB.
Being a Cougar for one day has made me realized how incredible being a Knight is. They may have higher tests scores than us, but here, we’re filled with semi-Einsteins. The only reason people judge Harding is because they have never been here so they don’t know how bright students are. They only focus on the bad things because of the rumors they hear. Even though there are a lot of criticism, the teachers are still strong enough to get through it.

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A day as a cougar