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Life with a serious illness: how Caleb deals with it.

Faithanne Noyer, Reporter

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Many people are oblivious when it comes to serious illnesses. Meningococcemia is an illness that comes from bacteria called Neisseria menengitidis. This illness invades the bloodstream and the brain, causing serious sickness, seizures, and even amputation.
Caleb Smith, a student here at Harding High School, is a victim of this illness. At the age of three, Caleb was diagnosed with Meningococcemia. Learning that he had developed such a dangerous virus, Caleb admits it was a very depressing time. In one day, he had to get his arms amputated from the elbow down, and both his legs were taken from the knee down.
Many students would think that this would be hard getting used to, but according to Caleb, it was fairly easy.
“I was three, so I hadn’t developed writing and walking skills completely, so it was pretty easy getting used to it,” Caleb said. They tried giving him a cuff, and a few other things, to wear on his arms so it would be easier to write, but nothing worked for him, and he decided to learn to write without any gadgets being attached to his arms.
Caleb Smith has grown to be a charming student here at Harding. He feels completely normal, no different from the other students. This experience, if anything, has made Caleb a stronger person, and he is optimistic about his condition. Caleb said, “Once you get used to it, it’s not that bad.”

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The student news site of Harding High School
Life with a serious illness: how Caleb deals with it.