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What it takes to be the greatest

Megan Engelstad, Reporter

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Jet Mika has been continuously wrestling since eighth grade. He is on his fourth year of varsity wrestling and this is his third straight year getting to state.

Jet has won 28 matches this season and has lost only one.

Jet started wrestling in sixth grade but he stopped after sustaining an injury that caused him to be suspended from any further matches and put him on bed rest. “It was the most painful thing I ever felt,” Jet said “I wasn’t able to walk on my own legs until two years later.”

After two years of being assisted during his injury, he was able to walk on his own again. After the injury, instead of quitting like most would, he only pushed himself harder and continued doing what he loves.

“There has really been no off-season for the past couple of years,” said Jet. “There is wrestling on and off-season, even when the season is over it’s never really over if you want to get to that next level.”

Jet said he is able to reflect after matches. “Definitely, I actually learn a lot more when I lose than win,” said Jet. “When I lose, I actually can learn from it; I can tell what I need to work and what to improve on for my next upcoming match or even a rematch.”

Jet also said he values speed more than agility. “I would probably say speed because speed kills,” he said. “You have to be faster than the guy so you can beat him to the punch but if you are slower the guy can take you down.”

Mr. Kraus is the head wrestling coach and has high praise for Jet. “He has the right combination of talent and he is good at the sport while he is a also competitive which makes him want to do well and work hard,” said Mr. Kraus. “He has worked hard to improve and I think those three things together, having talent, being driven, and working hard leads to success.”

Mr. Kraus spoke about his expectations for Jet. “The section tournament is not easy, there are a lot of good wrestlers,” he said. “He certainly is one of the best wrestlers but that’s not automatic. He isn’t going to automatically win, he has to compete. At his best I think he should be able to make it past the section tournament and get into the state tournament.”

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What it takes to be the greatest