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New Car to Noah

Andy Thao, Reporter

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On May 23 2017, Harding students and teachers surprised Harding student Noah Martin with a brand new truck after Noah has been struck with severe aplastic anemia last fall.

“So we found out Noah was sick,” said Gregg Adler, the autotech teacher, and the person that started the project. “We found that there was GoFundMe page, and people were helping out with medical and family expenses and that’s important, but it’s also to have something important for the spirit.”

Noah has been missing a lot of school due to his aplastic anemia. According to, aplastic anemia occurs when the bone marrow does not make enough blood cells for the body. The three types of blood cells to keep your body functioning are white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. When your body runs low on these types, you get severe aplastic anemia. Aplastic anemia is a rare condition in the United States, but Noah was one of the unlucky few who got it.

“He’s a huge car guy,” said Mr. Adler. “This is one of the few things to lift his spirits and to kinda give him some inspiration to try harder, not that he can do anything.”

The Autotech class at Harding decided to restore a 1996 Chevy Silverado for Noah since his old truck was in terrible condition.

“I went out to find the truck on Craigslist,” said Mr. Adler. “After getting the truck, I went out to companies that were donating car parts. We started putting those parts in, and later ask St. Paul College for them to help paint the truck.”

Some of these companies that helped make this restoration happen included 3M and NAPA. These restorations didn’t happen on their own, though, and needed people that were committed the project.

“Many kids here helped me restore the truck,” said Mr. Adler. “Erin Ruiz did about 80 percent of the buffing and polishing on that truck and did a spectacular job on that job.”

Many students were here at Harding to support the surprise on Tuesday, many from Harding and many of whom knew Noah for a long time.

“I’ve known Noah for long time,” said Lawrence Besky, a junior at Harding who also participated in the event. “I’ve known him for about four years, so about back when we were still at Battle Creek Middle School.”

Aside from Lawrence, Mr. Adler has known Noah for quite some time too.

“I’ve known Noah since he was in ninth grade,” said Mr. Adler. “He’s been in my Auto One class, he’s been in my Small Engines class, he’s also been in Mr. Stahlman’s woodworking class. So he’s kinda the number one student in our CTE program. Without him, it kinda leaves a big hole in the program.”

After seeing the student body to greet him and him receiving the truck, Noah took pictures, and his father drove the truck around with him.

“Very shocked and surprised that everyone put in all this effort and care,” said Noah. “I was very surprised that there was a big and caring community here.”

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New Car to Noah