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What Is The Deal of Horoscopes that brings Attractions?

Nathalia Cortes Vazquez, Reporter

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People have grown up hearing about horoscopes and zodiac signs but are they really the real deal?

There aren’t many people who read their horoscopes every day. Those who do are trying to look on the bright side to the day or just read it for fun. Stephanie “Regret,” a freshman, said, “You shouldn’t read the bad part of the horoscope… It could affect you badly. You could read it in the beginning of the day, you’ll be thinking about it.”

What is the point of Horoscopes in our lives?


Horoscopes are the tellings of your future based on your zodiac sign which are determined by the day you were born and the position of the Sun and Moon. “I was, like, 13 and my friends were doing it (horoscopes),” said an anonymous junior.

This has been the way for thousands of years but is it always been accurate?

Rudolf Smit, an astrologer, was a believer in reading the future but an unfortunate incident had him believing otherwise. He predicted a client’s horoscope perfectly but he was reading off of another client’s information. Counselor Erin Pavlina said on her blog, “They’re basically saying that every Virgo is going to have the same kind of day tomorrow as every other Virgo.”

Everyone is different when interpreting their own horoscopes. The readings are broad which makes it easier for everyone else to interpret a different meaning to it.

The Law of Attraction

In searching up your horoscope it is easier to know what is going to happen in the future. It’s easier for “visualizing prosperity, a more fulfilling career or a happy relationship,” said Katherine Hurst, a CEO of The Law of Attraction, which helps answer questions related to Law of Attraction.

In the New Thought Philosophy, reading horoscopes and interpreting them into real life makes it easy to go on with your life. Horoscopes make it easier since they basically tell you what to do. In understanding the horoscopes we can imagine the possibilities that life has to offer us. “[It] reflect(s) meaning to life… helps reflect in meaning of life,” said Frances Jarmick, a math teacher at Harding.  

Being introduced to horoscopes can cause it to become like a drug. Katherine Hurst said, “No matter what you are looking to have or achieve or be in life, if you can hold onto the idea and see it for yourself in the mind’s eye, you can make it yours to have.”

In the end, it becomes to hard to realise that every single one of your experiences are not influenced by the horoscope but is shaped by you alone.

Understanding Others with a Head Start

In reading another person’s zodiac and horoscope it become easier to understand them. This will lead to better communication which sparks more attraction when trying to get into a romantic relationship. There are compatibility tests online or even out in the real world that could decide whether you and that other person are simpatico. “For some people it’s good to follow,” said an anonymous sophomore.

Before reading horoscopes you need to know your zodiac: each horoscope has a different message for the different houses of the zodiac sign. Zodiac signs can tell alot about who we are which can shed some light to who we are best compatible with, and even explain why we are attracted to certain people.  “In understanding ourselves and each other it will help us lead a happier and healthier life,” said Liz Greene, an astrologer, psychologist and author.

In the end, we could blame someone for the troubles that arise in our lives. This is a habit in human nature that helps us move on, but most people don’t want to go through the trouble so they read horoscopes for a peek into the future to decide what to avoid.

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What Is The Deal of Horoscopes that brings Attractions?