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Harding gets new AP intern- Chlebecek continues the job

Faithanne Noyer, Copy Editor

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With Mr. Chlebecek Jr. leaving Harding High School, a new administrative intern has come into play.
LaNisha Paddock, who has been working at Ramsey Jr. High, has come to work at Harding. To help with the transition, Mr.Chlebecek Sr., who took over for his son temporarily when he left, will remain in Harding’s halls through the end of the year.
Although some Harding students know the entire story, many of the students at Harding may not know why Tony Chlebecek left. The reason Chlebecek Jr. no longer works at Harding is because he has been promoted to Assistant Principal at Ramsey Jr. High.
Roger Chlebecek, the father of Tony and Kris Chlebecek, is enjoying working here at Harding even though he is retired.
Mr. Chlebecek Sr. is not new to the district. He originally started working for St. Paul Public Schools after graduating from the University of Minnesota. Before he started working for schools, he worked in distributing education, and taught marketing and business. Chlebecek has been working for the school district for 33 years, and taught for 41 years. Chlebecek got here in 1971, and retired in 2003. Even though he was retired, he went to White Bear until 2010.
Part of the reason that Chlebecek came back to Saint Paul schools was because he feels comfortable here. “Once an east-sider, always an east-sider,” said Chlebecek.
He also has lots of friends here at Harding. Harding High School is where Chlebecek started out, so he feels as if he is “coming back to his roots.”
LaNisha Paddock, the new permanent administrative intern, finds Harding to be a good school. When Paddock was placed here at Harding, she was excited because she wanted to get the “high school experience.”
Before she became an administrator, she worked as a teacher, and worked in instructional practice.
Paddock said she is beginning to really like the school because there are lots of activities, and the student and staff are friendly and welcoming.
As Paddock was first starting her life as an adult, she wanted to work in business. Eventually, she felt that it wasn’t the right job for her. With her mom being an educator, Paddock decided to start working for schools, because it was a familiar subject for her.
Paddock knew a couple of people at Harding, so it was easier for her to come here. She is turning into a great administrator for Harding, and she hopes to stay here for quite a while.

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The student news site of Harding High School
Harding gets new AP intern- Chlebecek continues the job