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New gaming club attracts many

Seamus Kavaney playing his DS. Photo by Libby Harper

Seamus Kavaney playing his DS. Photo by Libby Harper

Libby Harper, Business Manager

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The Video Gaming Club, advised by Mr. Ian Buck, meets every Wednesday after school from 2 to 4 p.m.

Mr. Buck and Chankrisna Ke are the advisor and president of this club, respectively. The club was started last year during the second semester. “It was an idea that was brought up by several students independently,” said Mr. Buck.

Chankrisna wanted to start the club because he was already taking the Gaming IT class and had heard others students talking about the idea for the club.

According to Mr. Buck, the activities they do depend on what people bring. “Sometimes someone will bring in a Wii or cards or a board game,” he said. “Sometimes we just talk about video games.”

The Video Gaming Club does not do any fundraising, but they do sell snacks. People bring in snacks for the club, and they sell them to the other club members and use the profits for buying bus tokens for members that need a ride to get home.

According to Mr. Buck and Chankrisna, the process for starting the club and becoming the president of the club was very easy. “All I had to do was get a form from the 12th grade administrator,” Mr. Buck said. “I didn’t need permission or anything, I just had to let the custodians know that we were going to be in the room so they didn’t clean in the middle of the meeting.”

Chankrisna also found it very easy to become president. “When the sign up sheet went around I just put my name in,” he said. “And I did things like take attendance and just naturally took on the roll.”

Chankrisna is a senior and will be graduating this year but is hopeful about the club’s future. The Gaming Club currently has around 20-30 members and is always looking for and encouraging anyone with an interest in video games to join them every Wednesday after school.

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New gaming club attracts many