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New health teacher hopes Harding is long term

Kelsey Budd. Photo by Priscilla Yang

Kelsey Budd. Photo by Priscilla Yang

Kelsey Budd. Photo by Priscilla Yang

Priscilla Yang, Assistant Photo Editor

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    Kelsey Budd, a new health teacher at Harding, transferred here this year after three years working at Battle Creek Middle School.

 Ms. Budd said her transfer was due to her “desire to teach high schoolers.” She has always favored working in a high school environment but wanted the experience of working at a middle school, so as a result, she decided to transfer after coaching staff and student teachers over the summer.  

    She said the decision to leave wasn’t easy, and a part of her felt conflicted about leaving her coworkers. But what helped her with the transition was knowing a couple of the staff here before moving to Harding.

Ms. Budd said there is an entirely different vibe that comes with working with high schoolers. She said working with this different group of students “gives her a lot more personal responsibility,” and she talked about the role that her students have in teaching her new things.

    Her first few weeks at Harding have been “a blast,” as she slowly transitions into this new turning point in life, and as a whole, Ms. Budd described her experience within these first few weeks as “Awesome. The kids are so respectful and the staff is so friendly.”

    During her free time, Ms. Budd enjoys attending Harding’s football and baseball games and coaching track & field during the spring.

Q: How would you describe your first few weeks here at Harding?

A: They have been awesome. The kids are so respectful. And the staff is so friendly.

Q: Why did you decide to transfer from Battle Creek?

A: I have always wanted to teach high schoolers and after coaching staff, and student teaching, I knew it was where I wanted to work.

Q:How many years have you been teaching?

A: This is my fifth year teaching

Q: What inspired you to teach?

A: I have always wanted to since I was very little. I have always played teach. And I took my middle school health class and I was like, I wanted to be a health teacher.

Q: How different is it working with a group of high schoolers?

A: Completely different. I feel like give you a lot more personal responsibility, rather than just me teaching the students, the students also play a hand in teaching me.

Q: What do you look forward to here at Harding?

A:  I look forward to being part of the school community. I love going to watch Football and Basketball games. I also can’t wait to continue coaching track and field in the spring.

Q: How long do you plan to work here?

A:  I hope to work here as long as I can… maybe until I retire

Q: Have you made any friends so far/ relationships with your coworkers?

A: I was lucky to know a few people before coming to Harding. Becky McQueen has been like a mom and mentor to me. Jerry Utecht and I share an advisory and he was my mentor teacher when I student taught here 5 years ago.. I learned and still am learning a lot from him. I coached track with Funkhouser, Houston, and Egbert … it is nice to see their familiar faces in the hallway.  I know a few teachers in the phys ed department too! I am looking forward to meeting many more co workers as the year continues!

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New health teacher hopes Harding is long term