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The everyday work of a bus driver

Harding students looking for their bus at the end of the day. Photo by Nathalia Cortes Vazquez

Harding students looking for their bus at the end of the day. Photo by Nathalia Cortes Vazquez

Nathalia Cortes Vazquez, Reporter

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Bus drivers work on driving around and providing transportation to students..

School bus drivers drive their routes to pick up students early in the day and drop them off at home later on. Their responsibility is to get students transported safely to and from home, whether in sleet, fog, snow, ice or extreme cold or heat.

Bus drivers get up before 5 a.m. and get ready for the upcoming day. “I get up at 4:30 a.m.,” said Venessa Carter, who drives bus EE at Harding High School.

She takes a test run with their assigned bus to make sure all the lights, tires, doors, fluid levels and brakes work, then all buses “push out at 5:30 a.m.”

The job begins at stops that become irregular with each student they pick up. Students may be feeling uneasy, so they sometimes become difficult with drivers or misbehave.

Bus drivers finish their day by evening. “I get off at 6:35 p.m,” said a bus driver who wanted to be anonymous for respect of opinion.

Students often take their transportation for granted. “I don’t think much about it, I feel [like they are] generous for having free transportation,” said Ma Shwe, a bus rider who has been riding the bus ever since first grade.

Every day it’s important for the bus driver to stay on their route. It’s one of the regulations so that when trouble arises, the company they work for knows where they are. Also, it’s easier for students to know when they should wait at their bus stop. “If I don’t know when exactly my bus will come, I’ll be confused and wondering if it’s coming at all,” said Moo Thaw, who rides bus EE at Harding.

Buses sometimes get crowded with so many students being picked up, especially if they live in one area of the district. This becomes tough on students since it increases the possibility of bullying. This makes the bus driver’s job complicated because they have to keep an eye out for students’ safety while still watching the road.

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The everyday work of a bus driver