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Two new IB English classes starting next year

Mr. Brandt, English teacher and IB coordinator. Photo by Andy Thao

Mr. Brandt, English teacher and IB coordinator. Photo by Andy Thao

Mr. Brandt, English teacher and IB coordinator. Photo by Andy Thao

Isabel Moua, Reporter

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Two new IBDP English classes that are at the mid-level are starting next year.


These classes are different from the current IBDP and the regular English classes. If the IB is too fast, too much and too hard, while the the regular is too slow and easy, you can go to the one of the two new classes, which are at Standard Level.


These classes are only for 11th and 12th graders. “Next year, I will be teaching Literature and Performance and Ms. Mickelson will be teaching Language and Literature which is the other new class,” said Mr. Lathrop.


“The following year we’ll keep the same students and the same class, “ he added, “but they’ll be seniors, and and two other teachers will start with that year’s juniors. Ms. Schultz will teach Literature and Performance for the juniors the following year while I have the seniors. And then Ms. Hansen will teach the other class for that year’s juniors.”


These classes are not electives; students will receive English credit for taking them.


“I thought it’d be really good to add two new classes to English, because right now we have [only one] option,” said Mr. Brandt. “Right now our two options don’t serve the kids in the middle very well.  There are some kids, actually I think there are a lot of kids who find regular English a little too easy or maybe too slow for them; the pace is too slow but then also find that what we have right now with higher level Literature, IB Lit., is too fast, too, too much work, and too hard.”


Mr. Brandt has been thinking about having the two classes for more than eight years.


For the class Literature and Performance, Mr. Lathrop will have the students perform part of a play, write a story and perform it, even study poetry. But essays are a must! Students can never get away from those.


Mr. Brandt and other teachers are excited that the two classes are coming. Apparently many years before there were many classes that serve the middle but now no longer exist. Now have two of them will come next year. “I talked to my principal about it,” said Mr. Brandt.“ He approved. Then I talked with all the teachers in my department, they were excited about it, they approved.”


The process of getting this proposals and choosing the teachers took a long time and the final choosing as well. If the students don’t like one of the classes they can always change it. However, it should be done when the student first start out.

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Two new IB English classes starting next year