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Fashion Club

Tristin Thao, Reporter

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Fashion Club is a club where students with high quality clothing go and show off their modeling skills to judges or the audience. Fashion Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday in room 1359. During the meet-ups on those days, they walk out in the freshman hallway to practice their form. For example, walking in a correct way, moving to the beat, and practicing their expressions. If a certain event comes up for Fashion Club they will start practicing way more than they did before. It’s kind of like sports, how they practice for upcoming games.


Since Fashion Club has been going on for a while now, all the models feel really confident about performing in front of varieties of different people all at once. “At first I was nervous, but then built my confidence when I auditioned more in front of people,” said Seng Lor, the president of Fashion Club.

Fashion Club looks for the outfits their models wear, looks for their posture, and looks for their expressions when going up to perform or rehearse.


Fashion Club has already done three auditions for the school. Their upcoming auditions are Pep-Fest and the Benefit Concert. Everyone, including the president and officers, goes up and shows off their amazing outfits they have to share with the audience. Fashion Club right now has one president, five officers and 20 to 30 models.


Fashion Club does not face a lot of problems with anything. They are a stable and controlled group who just want to have some fun. They work as a team to figure out any major problems people will have. “We all work as a team to work everything out and get it under control,” Seng said.

Like any other club in the school, Fashion Club does indeed show up at school events. For example, they are performing for the upcoming Pep-Fest that is going to happen March 24.


In the end, Fashion Club is a great group to join if you want to look nice and show it off to many different people. If you have a passion for clothing and want to build relationships with people who have the same passion as you do, this is a great club for you. They are open to any ideas anyone has for the club. It is not too late to join and start looking good.

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Fashion Club