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JROTC Drill Meet

Tristin Thao, Reporter

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       Harding’s JROTC competed against 15 other schools on…, going head to head for the first place trophy.


      The point of a JROTC Drill Meet that Harding competes in is to represent Minnesota and Harding High. The event takes place in Chicago every year over-two days. The first day is an academic course, testing the cadets on their academic skills. On second day, students are tested on their physical skills and compete against each other in a fitness test.


      When everyone is done with all the other competitions and tests, they got ready to compete physically. The physical tests they are given include push-ups, sit-ups and cardio. The females won five of ten medals. Yeeko Yang won the second place medal for 77 push-ups and Douachee Vue won the fifth place medal for 71 push-ups. Kenia Gomez won the third place medal for 176 sit-ups, while Adela Lopez and Kang Thao both did 170 sit-ups for fourth and fifth place.


      Moving on to males who won medals, Za Thao and Lue Vang both did 101 push-ups for second and third place. Zongcha Xiong came in fifth place with 94 push-ups. After the results were in, Harding was notified that they took first place in PT but took second place overall. They were also tested on their intelligence based off what they know from past training.


       Of course, JROTC prepared and practiced beforehand like always. They practiced their posture, dress code and strength. JROTC practices during the entire school year in the fieldhouse at 6:30 a.m. The competition takes place every year, so they plan on winning first when next year hits.


       Nationals take place in Florida where the best of the best compete. JROTC chooses what cadets to pick from by seeing commitment, showing up to practice and working outside of school, showing improvement.


       Nhia Her is a junior and Chief of Staff and he has been in JROTC ever since his freshman year. He went to the Drill Meet and competed against the 15 other schools. He works with the officers and staff, making sure the cadets know their jobs and what they are expected to do. Nhia enjoys everything about JROTC–the people, the class, the teachers, events and what they do. “I look forward to continuing JROTC till I graduate,” Nhia said.


      Mailee Xiong is a sophomore, a supply officer and a color guard captain in JROTC. She has been in the class since her freshman year and really enjoys it. Mailee likes the fact that they go to other schools and compete against them for a trophy. “It helps me build self-confidence within myself,” Mailee said.


      Since she is dedicated, she also got to go to the Drill Meet in Chicago. This was Mailee’s second year going down to Chicago, and she likes how they won second place overall out of the 15 schools. “We made history,” Mailee said.


       She loves everything about JROTC. It helps her get all of her service hours in and lets her be herself. “I’ve learned a lot,” she said. “slowly learned how to become a leader from the upperclassmen and learned to deal with things,” she said.

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JROTC Drill Meet