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Some behavior problems at HHS are chronic

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There are many things that most HHS students have in common when it comes to staying in a classroom filled with many others that have the same demeanor. The atrocious behaviors are repeatedly used in classes against others when the wild minors don’t get what they want when they want it.
   The Beastly weapon: Cellphone
Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz, is the only thing you hear in a classroom when students go reticent.
The bullets are shot one after another trying to abolish the silence. But what the minors don’t understand is that their ammo should be put away because it makes a big commotion and becomes absolutely dangerous towards those who actually want to utilize their time in class by doing their work.
There are so much time during class to do assignments, which some do use while others don’t seem to care. The reason to this is because the weapon that they have doesn’t seem to have a switch to turn it off.
The total distraction with this weapon is that their other buddies in different rooms also do the same exact thing and fire their ammo. And so they have a war going on within the school. With a war going on, it becomes impossible to teach and learn!
   The Abusive Characteristics
While a teacher tries to educate students, some complain. If it’s not about their hair, it’s about their swag, and sometimes it’s about their significant others. But most of the time it’s about how they don’t want to utilize their time by doing their assignment. It’s either too hard or they don’t feel like doing it.
When students are rude, the teachers usually become annoyed.
In elementary school, we were all taught to treat others how we wanted to be treated. But this was when we didn’t care about looking good in front of friends or society or acting lovey dovey with boys or girls.
Teenagers want to have fun. But giving attitude towards those around them is not the way one should be. Students wouldn’t like it if other students treated them that way.

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The student news site of Harding High School
Some behavior problems at HHS are chronic