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Should students wear sweatpants?-NO

Chloe Moore, Opinion and Variety Editor

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High school should be a place where you go to become a well educated and respect worthy adult. And to do so, you should act like you are serious about becoming one, and to do that, you should first look like you are serious to learn. This doesn’t mean that you should wear a suit or anything, jeans and an ok looking t-shirt will do. But sweat pants, pajama pants or excessively short shorts are things that will make people not take you very seriously.
It doesn’t take very long in the morning to pick out an appropriate looking outfit. It takes less time than it does to do your hair or put on makeup. I see people who come to school wearing sweats or pajama pants, and they will have their makeup and hair all done very nicely, and I  think, you had time to do that, but not to put on a decent pair of pants? And whenever I see a boy in a pair of pajama pants, I think, you don’t have to put on makeup or take a long time to do your hair in the morning, yet you wore that to school?
Another thing that really irks me when I see people wearing them are the really short shorts. I have seen some people wearing them where their butts are hanging out. It really is unattractive and must be extremely embarrassing for them. Heck, I’m embarrassed having to see it. When people see you wearing something such as that, they think that you must not have much sense to put that on. It is okay if you wear shorts, but, at least during the school day, they should not be too short and at least long enough to cover up your junk.
There of course are some excuses for wearing things like pajama pants and sweatpants. If you are running late to school, then that is fine that you are wearing your pajama pants. If you aren’t feeling very well that day and just want to wear something comfy, then it is perfectly acceptable to wear sweatpants.If you don’t have the money to buy better pants, then that is fine, too.
But wearing things such as sweat pants, pajama pants and short shorts just because you were too lazy that morning to put something decent on, well, there is no excuse for it, and people won’t take you seriously as someone who is trying hard to get an education and to become a well-rounded adult.

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The student news site of Harding High School
Should students wear sweatpants?-NO