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Why Do Sports?

Zoe Kavaney, Reporter

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Sports are one of the best parts about being in high school. Joining a team has many benefits, such as exercise, a possibility for scholarships and making new friends. Having something to do as an extracurricular activity can also take your mind off of the terrifying stress circus that is academics.


Harding has a plethora of sports teams available, including basketball, tennis, swimming, football and hockey. There are a lot of opportunities for various personality types and interests. For example, people that don’t do well on teams could sign up for swimming, which is a more solo activity.


Grade 9 Football coach, Junior Varsity Baseball coach and math teacher Andrew Southworth said that students should just “give it a shot.”


Joining a team also gives you the opportunity to learn new skills. Abilities like running or swimming are especially helpful for kids interested in camping, a pastime that requires physical strength and agility. You never know when you might get chased by an extremely annoyed moose and/or kodiak bear.


Getting outside is also helpful considering the fact that human beings need vitamin D to survive. Being rushed to the hospital due to staying indoors for almost 2 weeks isn’t the best way to spend your vacation.


For people interested in signing up for spring athletics, it’s required that you have had a physical exam taken in the past three years. They’re super easy and you can get these done at pretty much any family clinic. You also have to get one of your parents or legal guardians to fill out the “Parent’s Permit and Health Questionnaire.” They also need to give their contact information to the school in case of an emergency. You can download all of the forms described on the Harding Athletics website.


If you do something super cool you might get featured in the “Harding Hall of Stars,” a system designed to honor high-achieving Harding alumni. You’ll get your picture put in the hallway, along with a description of what you did. There’s a wall for specifically female athletes too, it’s the wall that has the giant picture of the lady with the armor.


If you can’t join any teams due to something like a scheduling conflict, having a disability, or you just hate the idea of physical activity, you can still show support for your peers by going to pep rallies, wearing spirit wear and attending games. The majority of games are relatively cheap, with spectators only having to pay about five dollars. They’re pretty fun, plus there’s the side benefit of the available refreshments being delicious. Seriously, just try the popcorn. It’s kind of ridiculous.


If you want to look astoundingly stylish and sporty, there’s spirit wear available online and in a catalogue given out by the ROTC. Most of the clothing available is in the $30-40 price range.


The time for spring sports is just around the corner, and summer break is the perfect chance to prepare for upcoming fall sports.


Personally, I would highly recommend signing up for a school sports team if you have a lot of extra time, you want to improve your health or you want to positively represent Harding High School.

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Why Do Sports?