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The Way the Pep-fest Looked Disorganized

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The Way the Pep-fest Looked Disorganized

Boys tennis team cheering on their victory.
Photo By Tony Vue

Boys tennis team cheering on their victory. Photo By Tony Vue

Boys tennis team cheering on their victory. Photo By Tony Vue

Boys tennis team cheering on their victory. Photo By Tony Vue

Nathalia Cortes Vazquez, Reporter

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The Pepfests this year have been disorganized attempts at school spirit.

Before the recent Pepfest, I was dreading going considering what I saw last time. The second Pepfest wasn’t any better. Through the whole thing I felt like the Pepfest could have been better; what I was feeling is different from what I saw.

The purpose of a Pepfest is to encourage our team sports and have them know we are there for them, but I thought it was also for the sports team to get together. When I saw the spring Pepfest, I saw the opposite of what the Pepfest was supposed to be. There were very few sports that showed team spirit, while other sports just wanted to get the cheer over with so they could sit down.

The Harding cheer was not as proper as the first. The first Pepfest in my view had a better ‘battle cry,’ but the spring Pepfest was just awful. Everyone was mostly just screaming while the seniors actually knew the battle cry. It’s not like I’m not giving credit to those that did know the words and were saying it; I’m just talking about the whole thing in general.

I don’t believe that most people didn’t think about how this Pepfest was organized. There were events coming one after another like someone was just trying to rush their work rather than going smoothly in the process. I wouldn’t blame the people who skipped the Pepfest, especially the people who don’t like crowds.

I was sort of looking for ASAP since I kind of looked forward to their dancing. This year’s dancing was not great; it was out of place. The audience got satisfaction in seeing them dance, although it was basically something you could see every day. There were good points, but the rest were weak points. They could have done better.

The drumline was no better. I have seen better drumming that kept people’s interest and had them participate rather than just watching. I was hearing a rhythm but no beat, which made me look around and notice that most faces in the crowd baked bored. Just like ASAP, they had their good points, but they could have done more to give a beat.

The greatest pleasure of the Pepfest was getting out of the gym and hanging out with my friends.

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The Way the Pep-fest Looked Disorganized