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The Unicorn was Overrated

Megan Engelstad, Reporter

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Starbucks released a drink April 17 called the Unicorn. At most stores the Unicorn sold out on the first day so finding this elusive drink was almost as complicated as finding an actual unicorn. The Unicorn was only supposed to be available for one week but social media made the Unicorn drink the most desirable drink.

I think the Unicorn drink looked like a basic drink. I mean, who hasn’t seen a drink that is that color? I think Starbucks selling the Unicorn only for a week is a mistake to be honest. If something is such a big hit why don’t you make it a full time thing, or is that why it was so desirable, because it was a limited time thing?

This drink gave Starbucks so much more publicity than it actually deserved, but most responses to the drink were mixed, some saying it is horrible and others saying it is great. I think it was not worth the money.

Seeing all of the photos on instagram made the drink look way cooler than it is. I think any frappuccino looks the same, any filter can make a drink look great especially on social media. The only reason everyone wanted one was because everyone else wanted one. It is a classic argument with siblings, they got a new toy and now you want one too. I think we need to stop following the trend of just consuming a new thing because until we stop listening to social media trends we will never truly have the quality drink that we want.

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The Unicorn was Overrated