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High School Differences

Dakota Aportella, Reporter

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As a former Central student, I have had experiences in both Central and Harding High School. There are quite a few differences between those high schools, with both having their ups and downs.

The thing is how each high school is laid out; Central is laid out in layers, whereas Harding is laid out in one level. Both are pretty big schools in their own way, and both are also pretty confusing to get used to as well. I had trouble finding my way around on my first day at Harding. But it’s easy to get around once you have a general idea of where everything is.

Central also seems to have a lot more classes: at Central there were a few different language classes, including German and Chinese. Here at Harding I know about Spanish and Ojibwe, most likely there are more that I don’t know about.

Central is pretty strict when it comes to making sure that each student makes it to class but isn’t too strict when it comes to actually doing work in class. When strolling down the halls at Central, you will likely see a teacher walking and making sure that each student gets to class. So far at Harding, I haven’t seen too much of that.

At Harding you see students acting well and not being loud or causing bad things to happen. The students and teachers are also pretty good at making sure you understand everything and/or are caught up on your work.

Overall Harding is a pretty good school where I have felt welcome so far.

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High School Differences