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Join the walkout for gun violence

Aishat Daud, Reporter

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Students of Harding and around the nation walked  out on Wednesday, March 14 to commemorate the students who were involved in the Florida school shooting.

Lots of people in this community were affected by the shooting. They were put in an unsafe situation for attending school. As students who also attend high school, similar to the students whose school was attacked, we should stand up for them in order to stand up for every student’s safety.

Hearing about the school shooting in the Florida makes me think about how safe every school is in the U.S. In the past there have been school shootings, but there has never been a walkout. We all need to take a stand and defeat violence in schools.

The walkout gives students a voice, but at the same time it may not make a difference. We are not the ones pressing the buttons that make things happen.

The walkout was somewhat pointless and overdone. Although I did join the walkout, I was not sure if it would make a difference. Threats seem to be rising after the Florida school shooting. Johnson and Como have received threats. It seems to me as if students think the whole thing is a joke and the walkout is just another political movement. At first it was bullying that indirectly put the life of students at risk; now it’s shooting that directly puts the lives of students at risk.

According to, school shootings have been going on since 1764, the year of the Pontiac’s Rebellion school massacre on July 26, 1764 between the U.S. and Native Americans. Surprisingly school shootings have existed for a long time, but no one seems to care about it.

We all have to make our schools welcoming and more friendly to people so there is not that one kid who is always lonely. I would blame students because our schedule is so packed we don’t have time for anything. We are so caught up on grades and achievements that we don’t have time to physically socialize. Texting should not be the only way of keeping in touch with our friends. We all need to interact with others we don’t know. I know it can be really hard, especially for people with extreme shyness. Socializing is all about talking and expressing our true emotions to the people who care. We won’t feel like we are trapped in our inner world. I’m not saying we students are powerless and can’t make a difference.

I’m saying that we should make a difference socializing more. Being solitary can mess with one’s head.

I say the walkout is overdone because of the way people display their demands. Yelling can’t fix things. Although having better gun control might decrease school shootings it wouldn’t stop violent students from coming to school. We should demand these things for our safety and the safety of prospective students, but at the same time we can change things by being in charge of what we are in control of, which is making our schools more social. We are all human which means naturally we talk. It’s how ideas are passed on, how communities are built. Try cheering someone up who had a bad day. This also goes for staff at Harding. Although school is a place where suppose to receive an education, we are not robots; we need emotional support. Even though we can’t always get that emotional support, we can ease it by socializing, making Harding feel like a welcoming space for all.

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Join the walkout for gun violence