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Please pick up after yourselves

A trash can and bin, where litter should go.

A trash can and bin, where litter should go.

Tony Vue

Tony Vue

A trash can and bin, where litter should go.

Dakota Aportela, Reporter

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Anyone who has taken the time to actually look at the environment has probably noticed just how badly humans are littering.

There is trash lying on the ground: fast food wrappers, plastic water bottles, cigarette butts and more—all just lying here and there and floating anywhere it can with nothing being done about it. This is a hazard for the environment and yet little is being done about it.

People interviewed for the story generally said there is a lot of littering going on, and it can affect the environment and will affect the environment if nothing is done about it. One student mentioned that people should think about the future and how littering will affect the future for their children and so forth. All of the students interviewed are a part Earth Club, a club that is there to help the environment and to enjoy the outdoors.

“Littering causes a threat to our health and can cause harmful germs and bacteria. Littering can cause fires and sends a message that people really don’t care about the earth.” According to an article by The Pleated Piper which talks about how littering can affect the environment in bad ways and how it has already affected the environment. The article also explains how littering can affect the animals even going so far as too deform some of them. For example, a poor turtle got caught in a plastic can holder when it was little and grew up in it, which caused its shell to deform so that it could fit in the hole that it was stuck in.

There are many different conversations about littering all talking about how littering affects the environment in a negative way. Yet, despite this, hardly anything is done about it. It takes a miniscule amount of energy to throw away trash or pick up trash. So why has nothing been done about it? And why is it still a big problem? The reason is simply that those who litter do not care and think that littering does not affect the environment, when in fact it actually does.

We humans are so worried about littering, but we do nothing to actually fix the problem. In the future, Earth, the only current habitable planet, will be completely toxic because we simply don’t care about it and ignore all the real problems. Littering is toxic even now as it has been hurting the animals, restricting them, poisoning them, deforming them, and worst of all, killing them. And yet we still do nothing; we simply care about taking selfies and covering ourselves in fake things such as ink and makeup, saying “I look so good today!” and things like that. And we simply end up ignoring the bigger problems such as littering and other toxic things such as burning fossil fuels and dumping oil into the land or into the water.

A few others who were interviewed spoke about being worried about the environment and that it’s an easy thing to simply prevent littering. One student even mentioned that we should put up signs telling others that it’s bad to litter and to throw your garbage away into the trash. But that would also have to include recycling things, as not recycling things can still cause  problems.

Things should be done, and to do them, others must be willing to do them as only one person can not do it themselves. They can try over and over but will get nowhere. So we all need do our part in helping pick up garbage to help keep Earth safer, healthier and to keep everything living on it from getting sick as well.

We should think about the little things that we can do to help the environment, such as simply throwing our trash away into an actual garbage can, not onto the ground or something that could act as a garbage can. Small acts like that can seriously help the environment and keep it healthier, and if you want to help more simply pick up a little more trash that is on the ground.  Simple acts like that can help probably even more than you could know.

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Please pick up after yourselves