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Teacher strike’s cancellation may be a good thing

Pyo Cho, Reporter

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On Jan. 31, teachers voted to authorize a strike.  As it turned out, the strike did not happen.

This result is good for all the students and teachers at Harding High School. If the strike had happened, this would have an effect on seniors, because they are preparing to graduate, and the strike could have made something go wrong with graduation plans.

If the teachers had gone on strike, they wouldn’t get paid, and all of them need an income to support their families. Things could have been worse if the strike had happened.

At first, I was hoping for the strike to happen for a few days so we could get a rest and help out at home, but after coming back to school, I realized that I had a lot of things to get done, which made me realize that this result was good for me and other students. However, most students would have prefered a few days off and have been talking about how they want to take a break from school. I still think this result was better for them.

Even if we were to get a few days off, this wouldn’t benefit our learning. There are a lot of students that have important things that they can’t miss. The strike could have started on Tuesday, so I wouldn’t have been able to do my interview for College Possible on Wednesday. Since the strike did not happen, I was able to do my interview, and so were others who had interviews scheduled.

This result is also good for the people working in cafeteria. If there’s no school, they don’t get paid either. This will affect them and their families.

Overall, this result is good for all of us even if some people would have enjoyed a few days off. Students are able to continue in school, and teachers and staff are still getting paid.

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Teacher strike’s cancellation may be a good thing