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Tennis Game Goes Relatively Smoothly Despite Weather

Zoe Kavaney, Reporter

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The boys tennis match on Thursday went relatively well, considering the terrible weather.


I was originally planning on going to the game against Johnson on April 19, but it was postponed due to the heavy rain. Instead, I decided to go and see the game against the Centennial High School team (referred to as The Cougars according to their website) on April 20.


It does make you wonder, who would win in a fight between a valiant cougar and a vicious man in armor?


The Centennial team was bussed in from Circle Pines, which is about 14.5 miles away from Harding.


The match was scheduled to begin at 4 p.m., but the Cougars showed up to the court at approximately 4:02. The match technically started at about 4:09.


The teams were accompanied by their respective coaches, Dan Haertl (Centennial) and Koua Yang (Harding).


The event lasted for about 1.7 hours, with the players being matched with an opponent with a similar skill set and body type (approximately). This ended up making the game relatively even and fair.


The Harding kids were dressed in maroon uniforms with a gold accent, and the Centennial kids were wearing white with a red accent. The weather was barely 46° Fahrenheit, so most people were wearing long sleeves and pants. However, there were a few daring athletes sporting shorts and t-shirts. I have no idea how they managed to not freeze, as I was too busy shivering in my heavy sweater and boots to think about the almost superhuman abilities of high school boys.


There was a slight rain scare at about 4:27, with a few drops of potentially tennis match-ruining water descending from the skies. Luckily, the clouds moved away from us after about an hour of discontent and fear.


After a while, a few parents started to show up. Some even brought lawn chairs, blankets and warm jackets. To be completely honest, I was extremely jealous of their weather-appropriate clothing choices.


It started to warm up at around 4:54, with the sun giving a small amount of relief to the huddled groups of people. It was still really cold, so I ended up having to warm up inside for a little bit due to my cold-blooded lizard-esque way of collecting heat. I have no idea how the other people managed to avoid a popsicle-like tennis nightmare experience.


The match eventually ended at about 5:40, with both teams scoring a decent amount of points. It was done well, and everybody did the most that they were capable of. It was pretty impressive, especially considering the downright awful weather.


We ended up defeating them 4:3, which wasn’t really a surprise.


In my incredibly untrustworthy and nonprofessional opinion, the game was successful, even if it was in incredibly intolerable weather. Seriously, the temperature should never be below room temperature. In general, a constant 75° Fahrenheit at all times would be the most preferable situation. Unfortunately, we weren’t blessed with that temperature.

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Tennis Game Goes Relatively Smoothly Despite Weather