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The perfect dress for Prom

Thetlia Moe, Photo Editor

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 Pink dresses, blue dresses, red dresses, short dresses, long dresses. There’s a

variety of places to shop for prom dress and many varieties to choose from.


Isatu Jalloh a harding Senior,said while many people travel to find prom dresses,

the best place to shop for a really nice and cheap dress is Macy’s,

Deb’s or JC Penney.


Isatu got her dress at Deb’s, and she said there were many different colors, but she

decided to go with a color that would stand out, and she and her date decided on blue.

“Yes I would recommend it because they have many different choices of dresses and it’s

affordable,” said Jalloh.


Muthane Shoo, a Harding student said, a good place to shop for prom dresses

would be, an online prom store. Shoo said she would recommend

the online store because The dresses are at a fair price with the look and design. “They

have pretty dresses! I promise,” said Shoo.


She also said the store  has all

kinds of dresses. “I’m sure every girl will find what they like.”


Gaoyer Xiong, another Harding student, said  a good place to shop for a

prom dress would be at Glitz. The dresses may be expensive, but the store is the only

place that has a good deal with prices and cute dresses, said Xiong. “Glitz has

everything, mermaid

dresses,cocktail, and straight dresses, ballgowns, and A-line dresses, but

depends on how much you’re willing to spend on your prom dress.”


 If you are willing to spend  a good $200-$500 go for it because

the dresses are really nice and they don’t look cheap like other stores that sell prom

dresses, said Xiong.

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The perfect dress for Prom