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Harding students elect Clinton in mock election

Students submitted their ballots and received a sticker. Photo by Elezebet Mitiku

Students submitted their ballots and received a sticker. Photo by Elezebet Mitiku

Students submitted their ballots and received a sticker. Photo by Elezebet Mitiku

Priscilla Yang, Assistant Photo Editor

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      Throughout history, people have been beaten, jailed, tortured and even put to death for the right to vote. Our right to vote is not only a privilege but also a right that we Americans take pride in.

     In a recent survey conducted on Harding’s population of voters, ten students were asked about their political stance.

   80 percent of the students said that they would vote for Hillary Clinton. Ten percent would vote for Gary Johnson and the other ten percent would vote for Bernie Sanders if he was still a candidate in the presidential election.

   Most of the Harding participants that were surveyed favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Many agreed that she wasn’t the most desirable of candidates but in comparison to Donald, her biggest competitor and second lead candidate in the polls, Hillary is deemed to be more trustworthy in character and in relation to her history of political experience.

   Desiree Xiong, a junior that was surveyed, listed reasons for choosing Hillary: “She is working towards immigration policies, reproductive rights and taxing towards the rich. If I were able to vote, I’d vote for Hillary. Trump degrading women is definitely not someone we, as a whole, need for a leader.”

    Jose Romero, who is a senior, also listed reasons. “Hillary has a solid record of being well-known and being involved in different aspects of the political spectrum and has worked closely with several branches of the government, thus having the most experience in government and political policies,” he said.

   Other students had relatively similar opinions and see Hillary Clinton as our best option for the presidential elections. The most common response when listing their reasons for choosing Hillary often has to do with picking the president with the potential of causing the least amount of harm for our country. One student who asked to stay anonymous said, “Hillary is the best candidate for our country. Donald is truly terrifying.”

  Hillary Clinton is known to be the “lesser evil” when it comes down to her and Donald Trump because of her vision for America, and the way that she presents herself. That is not to say that Hillary has not made her fair share of mistakes. In the past, there have been sources that mentioned of Hillary’s rigged campaign, and the thousands of secret emails that she deleted which resulted in a controversy among voters.  

   On the other hand, many people find it hard to take Donald Trump seriously. Some refers him to as a comedian or a businessman because of the remarks that he has made in the past.

   As the time for elections near, choosing a candidate to vote for may be a stressful time for some, while others are firm on their decision on which candidate to vote for. There are a few who regard both candidates as unworthy of a vote and may possibly not vote on Election Day at all.

   Nevertheless, each vote will help determine the future of our country, and it is always encouraged for people to partake in this Election Day.

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Harding students elect Clinton in mock election