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St. Paul Organization Helps Kids Find Internships

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St. Paul Organization Helps Kids Find Internships

Sign outside of the C.C.C. door with information regarding Right Track. Photo by Zoe Kavaney

Sign outside of the C.C.C. door with information regarding Right Track. Photo by Zoe Kavaney

Sign outside of the C.C.C. door with information regarding Right Track. Photo by Zoe Kavaney

Sign outside of the C.C.C. door with information regarding Right Track. Photo by Zoe Kavaney

Zoe Kavaney, Reporter

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Finding a job can be scary, especially if you’ve never had one. Right Track can help you out with that.


Right Track is a St. Paul based organization that gives advice to teens looking for employment. If they accept you, you might end up with a paid internship with a respectable business or nonprofit like the YMCA or Xcel Energy. If you prove yourself worthy, you might even end up with a full-time job in the future!


They have partnerships with influential companies and organizations like Wells Fargo, Ecolab, and the Science Museum of Minnesota.


Their website says that they “connect Saint Paul youth with meaningful training, work, and career exploration opportunities.” According to people that have tried working with Right Track, that’s true.


Harding High School has been working with Right Track to help out students who want jobs. However, Right Track does not accept every application, said Amy Samelian, a Harding employee that can normally be found working in the C.C.C. (College and Career Center).


“Kids that want to sign up have to be 14-21 years of age, live in St. Paul, and be at a disadvantage (or ‘barrier,’ as they call it),” said Samelian. “They would consider a barrier something like having a disability, chemical dependency, or being homeless.”


There are two kinds kinds of possible jobs, YJ01 and YJ02.


Ms. Samelian described YJ01 as “more outdoorsy and having fewer hours, but it pays less. YJ02 has more office-y type jobs, more hours, and pays more. It is more difficult to get into YJ02.”


YJ01 accepts people over 14 and YJ02 accepts people over 16.


They help disadvantaged teens with things like internships, college scholarships, and learning career skills.


The Right Track website shares the stories of kids like then 18-year-old Khalique Rogers, who ended up interning at Wells Fargo. He says that “they (Right Track) helped me shape my career path.”


Another success story is Neacara (full name unknown). She interned at Hilton Garden Inn in the summer of 2014 and now has a full time position at the front desk.


The Right Track website has a whole page dedicated to stories like these.


It is necessary to apply between February 1-28. You have to fill out a form with any disabilities you have, contact information, your family’s living situation, previous work experience, and guardian income data.


Not every application will guarantee a job, so you have to make sure that you fill the form out to the best of your ability. The competition is fierce, so make sure to make your application as well-done as possible.


The website only allows you to make one resume submission per person, so it’s very important that you have everything typed up and astoundingly amazing beforehand.


Interviews with Right Track are from March 13-16. It’s crucial that you look presentable (office chic, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt would be a bad idea) and are well prepared (having your portfolio and maybe an essay about why you’re a good fit for Right Track).


If accepted into the program, you will receive a letter from Right Track in the

middle-ish of April. If you get accepted, it’s a good idea to attend the “pre-placement workshop” that they hold to learn more about what your internship is going to be like. This workshop is held on April 29.


Darynaisha Crawford, a grade 9 student at Harding, went to a job fair hosted by Right Track. She talked about her excitement for the event during the school day, and described her outfit and resume to her classmates.


The window for application is already over, but you can always sign up next year! I would definitely recommend it. If you have any questions, you can find their website by googling “Right Track.” They have various articles, resources, and stories available to anybody with access to the internet. The sleek webpage design and cool-looking color scheme is nice too. You should really check it out, it’s super helpful.


The College and Career Center has more information on a sign by the door (pictured by this article). If you want to know anything else, there’s probably somebody inside that can help you out with that.


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St. Paul Organization Helps Kids Find Internships