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Once again, the Morons!

Chelsea Vang, Reporter

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 “The Harding Knights” were once called “The Maroons” — and now teachers have decided to leave the Knights and bring The Maroons back.
Teachers got together and discussed this issue. Some students believed that they wanted a new name. They wanted to try something different other than sticking with The Harding Knights.
“I think changing The Harding Knights back to The Maroons would definitely be a great change at Harding,” said Mai Vang. “Not only that, I think more students would like The Maroons a lot more than The Knights.”
Students persuaded Harding staff that they wanted a new name to call themselves. They were tired of the same old Knights. They sent emails out to staff about why The Maroons should come back and why Harding should leave The Knights behind. They made posters and hung them up in the teachers lounge for all the staffs and teachers to see.
“We just want the teachers and staffs to know that it’s time for a new name,” said Karine Lao. “We want to try something different and see how it feels like to be known as something completely different.”
The students just got tired of being known as The Knights. They wanted to call themselves something other than that, a name that would stand out to other schools.
After reading the emails and thinking about what those students wanted, staff handed out voting slips. Some students voted on whether or not they should keep The Harding Knights, or change it and call themselves The Maroons.
When the voting ended, staff found out that The Harding Knights finally came to an end, and that a new day has just begun for The Maroons.

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The student news site of Harding High School
Once again, the Morons!